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Welcome to Zoe Body!

Simple, back to basics, hand-crafted goodness. This is Zoe Body. 

As I’ve watched close friends and family make changes to what they put in and on their bodies, my value for back-to-nature, chemical-free living has only increased.

Another value of mine that has developed over the years, is the idea of going slower and savouring the moment. Getting back to making things by hand embraces this well. 

There’s something incredibly satisfying about the idea of hand-crafted goods, made by locals who are passionate about what they do and have honed their craft over many years. I listen to those sort of people, they can sniff out the fakes a mile off. 

Zoe Body brings you all natural soap and body care products made from olive oil, who’s pH is closest to that of our bodies. We do not use palm oil or any chemicals which are damaging to our environment. 

For more information on our ingredients and where we source it from, read more here.