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Social Good

... igniting passion, inspiring purpose and bringing social good.

Welcome! So good to have you here with us. I started Zoē Body for a number of reasons. Firstly, I wanted to bring you all-natural, handmade goods from local makers and artisans that are good for you and your family. We've started with all-natural soaps and body care products, but don't worry, there's much more to come.

I also wanted to inspire you to live 'life to the full' which is exactly what Zoē means in Greek. It encompasses very well my own outlook on life and I couldn't help but bring this into my business. So we'll be sharing great content, interviewing some wonderful locals and general inspiring and encouraging you in this daily thing we call life. 

Another exciting aspect of this business is the opportunity we have to do good in the community, a huge passion of mine and something I'd like to invite you into. Let's just say we have very BIG plans but as we know, it all starts with a first step.

So this Christmas we are going to giveaway Zoē Body Pamper Packs to women in our local community doing it tough.  We'll be including some of our beautiful soaps and body care products as well as other practical bathroom and life essentials. 

The Pamper Packs will be distributed to women in refuge accommodation and around the Gold Coast, and those experiencing hardship in our community. 

I'd love you to be apart of this... so head here to get involved. 

I look forward to sharing more as we grow and learn to live big with love, passion and generosity. 

- Leanne